Beyond Legal Counsel: Your Dedicated Partner in Venture-Scale Success

Your trusted legal ally - SPZ Legal offers a personalized approach, extensive industry experience, and a commitment to your growth goals. 


Comprehensive Legal Support From Inception to Exit

You need a legal team that won’t get in the way of your growth. At SPZ Legal, we focus on the issues that really matter to you for your growing business. We recognize that venture-scale startups demand more than traditional legal counsel; they require a committed partner devoted to their success. 

For venture-scale startups with big aspirations, our boutique legal team brings a track record of handling substantial transactions in industries including edtech, cleantech, fintech, SaaS, and beyond. 

Part of our model as a boutique firm is to leverage the expertise of other specialized boutique firms through engagements we have with outside firms to help with topics ranging from complex tax matters liketo business immigration issues, to export control topics, to complex employment law matters, to crypto, and other specializations. By engaging our firm, you are leveraging the expertise of these specialized firms through one engagement with SPZ. 

Whether you're navigating complex transactions, securing funding, hiring staff, or selling your company, our practical and sound legal advice is tailored to your unique journey and goals.

Choose our top boutique law firm for actionable advice catered to your specific startup path and ambitions.

Our Pricing

We understand the significance of cost certainty and transparency for startups like yours. Your peace of mind matters to us, and that's why we set our fees at a rate that is fair to you and is significantly lower than our big law counterparts. And to prevent sticker shock, we always keep our clients updated on fees to ensure that the invoice you receive is what you expect. This approach leaves you with clarity and more funds to build the best team, invest in marketing, and scale your startup efficiently.

Client Spotlight

Learn how we helped one edtech company, from formation to global expansion!