A Diverse Array of Startups and Impact-Focused Ventures Trust SPZ

  • Geography. Our team is located in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Austin, and the Pacific Northwest, and our clients are located in these markets as well as across the globe, including Latin America, Asia, Europe and more.
  • Stage. They range from early-stage startups to venture-backed companies to venture capital funds with impact at the forefront of what they do.
  • Industry. Startups that work with SPZ Legal operate in various industries, including fintech, SaaS, edtech, cleantech, and beyond.

Below is just a small sample of some of our amazing clients.


Verto Education

Verto is on a mission to help change Higher Education in positive, student-focused ways. They offer a Freshman year of college abroad with direct transfer to their partner schools. Their focus is on student outcomes, helping students get the most out of their college experience and setting them on a path for a successful and fulfilling life and career.

SPZ Legal and Verto Education have partnered for years to strengthen legal foundations and ensure sound practices for growth in the education sector with an ongoing focus on embedding impact into Verto’s business model. Beyond standard services, SPZ Legal provides proactive strategies for Verto's scalable growth, enhancing legal agility.

SPZ Legal is a true partner, and I often find myself leaning on Ryan for advice, freeing up my brain space to focus on other aspects of the business. He’s brought up valuable insights in financing that have been incredibly helpful to Verto. Working with big firms, founders can get passed around, and attention is divided. With SPZ Legal, you get the expertise of a partner at a big firm and undivided attention from highly capable professionals.

Mitch Gordon, Founder of Verto Education

WindBorne Systems

WindBorne Systems emerges as a weather and climate tech startup revolutionizing the industry with patented, sensing balloon technology. Through the design, manufacturing, and operation of its constellation of smart, long-duration weather balloons, WindBorne collects crucial atmospheric data around the globe. In strategic partnerships with esteemed institutions like NOAA, NCAR, the US Air Force, the Office of Naval Research, and the UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography, WindBorne, with the support of SPZ Legal, is reshaping the landscape of environmental data, reducing weather uncertainty for a safer, more sustainable future.

SPZ Legal has supported WindBorne's mission through services ranging from corporate governance to equity compensation to complex legal agreements to fundraising rounds and beyond.


The SPZ team has been invaluable to WindBorne’s growth and is always a pleasure to work with. Their expertise turns legal complexities into straightforward solutions, and we couldn’t be more confident in their support.

John Dean, Co-Founder & CEO, WindBorne Systems


Seabound pioneers transformative technology with a profound impact on global climate change initiatives. Specializing in carbon capture, Seabound's cutting-edge equipment efficiently traps up to 95% of CO2 emissions from large cargo ships. Versatile in application, this technology can be seamlessly integrated into both existing and new vessels. Moreover, it converts captured CO2 emissions into a solid form, presenting innovative opportunities for use in building materials and beyond, reinforcing Seabound's commitment to a sustainable future.

The SPZ team is reliably quick, sharp, and friendly – an awesome combo that makes working on complicated projects with tight timelines much smoother, less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Alisha Fredriksson, CEO at Seabound


Tango revolutionizes process documentation by effortlessly generating step-by-step guides as you work. Their intuitive browser extension facilitates seamless knowledge sharing and scalability, empowering teams worldwide to master processes, adopt new tools, and excel in their roles. Trusted by leading organizations like IBM, Salesforce, Verizon, and Clincierge, Tango's mission is to elevate processes as the operational cornerstone of every organization, clarifying responsibilities and optimizing workflows.

Ryan and his team are the whole package: experienced, communicative, and highly reliable. They’ve been critical partners in helping build Tango at every turn: from contracts to employment to fundraising to Board facilitation.

Dan Giovacchini, Tango Co-Founder & President


Mosey simplifies state compliance for growing businesses operating across multiple states, offering an all-in-one solution for Payroll, HR, Registration, and Tax. Designed for small teams, Mosey saves time and money by automating compliance tasks and consolidating multiple services into one easy-to-use platform. With Mosey, founders, accounting controllers, and HR managers can efficiently manage compliance in all 50 states, reduce manual work, and avoid penalties. 

SPZ Legal is proud to partner with Mosey in their mission to empower businesses to focus on what matters most while staying compliant effortlessly.

Startup Law SPZ Legal Client Mosey

Mosey's core focus is compliance, so we care deeply about getting the details right every time. As a venture-backed startup, Mosey must also operate at pace and with significant agility. SPZ is a great partner for both quality and speed, which has enabled Mosey to build partnership, vendor and client relationships that truly accelerate our growth. In short, we love working with SPZ!

Alex Kehayias, CEO of Mosey

Companies That Have Been Acquired


Attendify is reimagining event technology and helping attendees, sponsors and exhibitors create more meaningful connections at live events. We believe event technology should be used to create more face-to-face interactions, drive attendee engagement and deliver data-driven insights to fuel event success. That’s why Attendify built a powerful, self-service platform that combines award-winning mobile event apps, event registration and a robust data platform built just for events.

Just Invest*

Just Invest is a technologically-driven asset management firm. Their mission is to empower advisers to enter a new era of wealth management, driven by unprecedented customization and transparent efficient tax management. They use large-scale data analysis, quantitative algorithms and risk modeling. They deliver scalable portfolio, tax management, greater client engagement and best in class economics for both advisers and investors.


Strive’s mission is to help people realize their professional potential and become the best version of themselves. They achieve this mission by transforming managers into leaders, both accelerating their own career trajectories and creating meaning, belonging and opportunity for their teams and companies.


Voxel is on a mission to redefine workplace safety with cutting-edge AI technology. By transforming traditional security cameras using advanced computer vision, risks like near-miss collisions or blocked exits are instantly flagged, triggering real-time alerts for immediate action. But Voxel, goes beyond just safety; their analytics also reveal operational inefficiencies, helping businesses streamline processes. Always putting privacy first, Voxel operates without facial recognition. Companies from Michael’s to Clorox have embraced Voxel’s platform, resulting in an amazing 80% reduction in workplace injuries.

SPZ Legal proves to be an invaluable partner, meticulously tending to all our legal requirements as we grow. Their proactive approach and swift responsiveness guarantee seamless and efficient operations for our startup.

Kacie Armbrust, Director of Finance and HR at Voxel


ReadySet is a consulting and strategy firm that helps companies build more human-centric, inclusive cultures, teams and products. ReadySet’s clients span industries from tech, to nonprofits, to social change organizations, each starting at a unique point in their DEI journey. ReadySet’s team of consultants is composed of professionals and academics with deep diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expertise who understand how business works.

SPZ has been instrumental in guiding us in developing and implementing strategies to incentivize our team for their amazing work, working with us on complicated data privacy compliance, and developing custom commercial contracts that fit the needs of our growing company. We also really appreciate that SPZ is a mission-aligned law firm, which complements our impact-driven business model!

Rachel Marcuse, COO at Readyset


CNote is an award-winning financial platform that allows people to invest in causes and communities that they care about while making money. With the mission of closing the wealth gap, every dollar invested with CNote helps fund female and minority-led small businesses, affordable housing development, and financially underserved communities across America. 


atlasGO is community of sweaty change makers. Users are sponsored by corporations to raise funds and awareness for nonprofits with every mile they hike, bike and run while atlasGO delivers impactful employee engagement and cause marketing campaigns for their corporate partners. 

Kruze Consulting

Kruze Consulting, a leading provider of accounting, finance, tax and HR consulting services to seed and VC funded startups. They help their clients ($2+ billion in funding) reduce cash burn and increase runway through a combination of automated technology and deep startup experience. 

Center for Human Technology

Center for Humane Technology is a group of deeply concerned former tech insiders and CEOs who understand the culture, business incentives, design techniques, and organizational structures driving how technology hijacks our minds. Since 2013, they’ve raised awareness of the problem within tech companies and for millions of people through broad media attention, convened top industry executives, and advised political leaders. Building on this start, they are advancing thoughtful solutions to change the system. 

Certified EO

Certified EO is building a network to bring national recognition to employee ownership. They provide the tools and resources members need to win greater brand recognition, inspire more committed employees, and create more devoted customers. By increasing the visibility of their individual members, they amplify the employee-owned movement as a whole. 

Salo Sciences

Salo is a conservation technology company. Their mission is to accelerate solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss by guiding investments in natural climate solutions: conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship. They use three tools—satellite data, artificial intelligence & ecological modeling—to identify conservation opportunities, monitor ecosystem health & predict environmental change.



Mickey Ashmore created a magical pair of leather shoes in 2013 with a family of craftsmen in southeast Turkey. He called them Sabahs, an original shoe based on a traditional shoemaking methods. They are now sold worldwide, with Sabah Houses in Dallas, New York City, San Francisco, and London.


Go Overseas

Go Overseas is the Airbnb/Trip Advisor for educational programs abroad. As a community-centered site used by over 6.5 million people a year, Go Overseas is the leading resource for browsing verified reviews, finding programs, reading travel articles, and discovering scholarships for all different types of meaningful travel opportunities. 

Falcon AI

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world, and our client FalconAI is working to make it more accessible. Comprised of top AI researchers and engineers located in Boston and Istanbul, they have developed cutting-edge AI tools that provide human-level recommendations to Fashion customers and E-sport gamers.


Sora Schools

Sora is an award-winning online school reshaping education for students in grades 6-12. Sora offers a unique learning experience centered around project-based challenges that mirror real-world scenarios. Accredited by Cognia, WASC, and NCAA, Sora empowers students to take charge of their education, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and essential skills for the future. With a mission to revolutionize learning, Sora prepares middle and high school students for diverse paths, from top universities to internships and beyond. SPZ Legal is proud to partner with Sora in their journey to redefine education and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

"The SPZ team is extremely attentive and has a knack for transforming dense theory into actionable recommendations. Their business acumen is a rare luxury for a founder, so I hope to have them by my side for many years to come."

Garrett Smiley, CEO

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