From robust employment contracts to executive compensation structures and termination policies, we and our partner firms are committed to aligning your agreements with legal standards while empowering you to go above and beyond in fostering a supportive and incentivized workplace environment. Learn more about employment law.

IP Protection

For many startups, their intellectual property is one of the their most important assets. We help you protect your branding through trademark registration, and your information through confidentiality agreements with your employees, suppliers, and other partners.

Data Privacy

Data privacy laws are constantly changing around the world. If you collect, use and/or share data from individuals, you may be subject to one or more data privacy laws. From CCPA to GDPR and beyond, we help you stay compliant. We also help you with drafting privacy policies to communicate your data practices to your users and customers.

Commercial Agreements

Understanding commercial agreements is essential for legal protection and operational clarity in business. These contracts define terms with customers, vendors, and partners, managing risks and fostering trust. Effective negotiation and structuring of agreements streamline operations and support strategic goals, ensuring your interests are safeguarded and your business is poised for growth.

Social Enterprises

Nonprofits are subject to a special set of rules under the U.S. tax laws. We help our clients form their nonprofit entities, obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS and stay compliant.

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