SPZ attorney Ryan Shaening Pokrasso recently sat down with Neetal Parekh of Innov8social to discuss his path to being corporate lawyer and social entrepreneurship. You can listen to Ryan’s interview below or at the Innov8social Podcast website

More About Innov8social

Innov8social launched in 2011 as a blog exploring social innovation. In 2015, it is refocusing on building tools and resources to help entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals reach their impact potential.

More About Neetal Parekh

Neetal Parekh is an experienced communicator, with a specialty in social enterprise, startups, social media strategy, writing/blogging, and public speaking. She is the Founder and CEO of Innov8social, which builds tools to help individuals and companies reach their impact potential. She is the host of the Innov8social Podcast, featuring interviews with thought leaders in the social good space. Most recently, Neetal served as Chief of Product and Impact at an education company and public benefit corporation where she designed and delivered entrepreneurship and business education to people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and cultures.