SPZ Attorney Ryan Shaening Pokrasso on Kruze Consulting's Founders & Friends Podcast


SPZ attorney Ryan Shaening Pokrasso recently sat down with Scott Orn, COO of Kruze Consulting, to discuss SPZ's approach to client relationships, legal best practices, and Ryan's path to co-founding SPZ. You can listen to Ryan's interview below or you can check it out on Kruze's Founders & Friends Podcast, which covers a range of topics for startups.

More About Kruze Consulting

Kruze Consulting is a leader in the Bay Area in Startup accounting and financial services. There are many accountants out there that do accounting and bookkeeping, but there are very few accountants that specialize in accounting services for startups and even fewer who will help startups navigate the fundraising process. Kruze offers financial and accounting services for fast growing Seed, Series A, and Series B startups. Most of Kruze's customers think of Kruze as their consulting CFO, even for those startups that already have a CFO in place. Kruze provides startup accounting to over 170+ startups and has helped some grow from 2 founders to over 100 employees.