WindBorne’s Series A Funding with Khosla Ventures

WindBorne Systems is innovating weather and climate tech with its sensing balloon technology and record-breaking AI-powered weather forecasts. By designing, manufacturing, and deploying a constellation of advanced, long-duration weather balloons, WindBorne gathers vital atmospheric data globally. Collaborating with institutions like NOAA, NCAR, the US Air Force, the Office of Naval Research, and UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography, WindBorne aims to improve environmental data accuracy, reducing weather-related uncertainties.

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Recent Series A Round: Led By Khosla Ventures

In a recent Series A round of fundraising, WindBorne closed a $15 million deal led by Khosla Ventures.  To date, WindBorne has raised $25 million and is now backed by Footwork VC, Pear VC, Convective Capital, Ubiquity Ventures and Susa Ventures, in addition to Khosla Ventures.

The funding support means that WindBorne can continue to grow and innovate, bringing more accurate and reliable weather information to those who need it. In fact, WindBorne claims that the use of its weather balloons can reliably predict a 2-week forecast as closely as a 2-day forecast can currently be predicted. This funding will accelerate their efforts to close the global weather data gap.

But, that’s not all. John Dean, CEO of WindBorne has also shared that part of the mission for this AI-based climate technology company is to reduce the impact of climate change.

WindBorne is a trailblazer in climate technology that is geared toward sustainability. Backed by investors, the company will be able to carry out their vision and meaningfully change the way technology is used for weather forecasting. 

How SPZ Supports WindBorne

Among other services, SPZ Legal has supported WindBorne in acquiring funding from investors. We routinely manage financing rounds from term sheet to closing for clients like WindBorne.

“The SPZ team has been invaluable to WindBorne’s growth and is always a pleasure to work with. Their expertise turns legal complexities into straightforward solutions, and we couldn’t be more confident in their support.”(John Dean, Co-Founder & CEO, WindBorne Systems)

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